Patch Notes – October 12, 2011

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Published on: October 12, 2011


All Drunder x4 raid zones

  • Sullon’s Spire, Tallon’s Stronghold, and Vallon’s Tower: The named boss NPCs do less damage and have slightly lower health.

Tallon’s Stronghold x4 raid zone [non-challenge]

  • The banners that spawn during the Tyrax Terrolus fight now have less health.

Patch Notes – October 11, 2011

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Published on: October 11, 2011


The return of the Beastlords to Norrath is at hand, and the story continues in part two of the prelude event! The energy of the Truespirit continues to flow throughout Norrath, and now that the Blight has been removed once and for all, their power is stronger than ever. The Truespirit Harbingers have emerged from the spirit realms, and stand ready to test the heroes of Norrath. Those who have completed the first prelude event, and wish to challenge the trials of the Harbingers, should seek out the chosen representatives of the Truespirit.

For those adventurers who are aligned with Qeynos, Meli Valorfrost, stands waiting for you outside the Temple of Life in North Qeynos. And for those who claim allegiance with the city of Freeport, a kerran named Olgen is ready to help start you on your journey. He can be found just outside the Temple of War in North Freeport. Safe travels, heroes!


  • You can no longer invite people to your group with /invite while you are searching for reinforcements.
  • Return to dungeon finder group is now disabled while in PvP combat.


  • Sentinel’s Fate and Destiny of Velious dungeons now have mission givers located within the entrance of the zones.

Sullon’s Spire x4 raid zones

  • In the fight with Sullon Zek, raging beholders will no longer cast pummeling force as soon as they spawn.

Sullon’s Spire [Challenge]

  • The elevator pad on the fifth floor will no longer dip below the floor when it descends.

Tower of Tactics Heroic

  • Lady V’uul will no longer spawn archers once she has been defeated. Once Lady V’uul has become invulnerable, destroying her orbs will now remove her protection.

Kingdom of Sky

  • Wizard Spires within Kingdom of Sky should now allow you to travel to Eastern Wastes.

Drunder zones

  • Drunder token armor can now drop in Drunder zones:
    • Grolla will now drop class shoulders
    • Warmaster Korok Hai will now drop class legs
    • Dvuul Ripclaw will now drop class boots
    • Hamslammer has a chance to drop class forearms or gloves
    • Rageborne MacKulla has a chance to drop class forearms or gloves
  • The following bosses will now drop more items that can be turned into ore:
    • Ragebourne Mackulla
    • Hamslammer
    • Groll Skullwielder
    • Prime Shini-Zonn Hypatia
  • All Drunder bosses with rare tables have had their chance to drop a rare increased.


  • The amount of ore received from melting down Drunder equipment has been tripled.
  • Thurgadin and Ry’gorr armor set recipes no longer require velium shards.


  • Drops within the Drunder themed zones should now have a description telling you if they can be broken down into the various ores that are used in creating the Drunder set armor.
  • Thurgadin armor sets no longer require velium shards to be purchased. Faction and coin are still required.
  • Rygorr armor sets no longer require velium shards to be purchased. Faction, refined gems, and coin are still required.
  • Disabled ‘flying mount to house item’ conversion while flying.
  • Elements of War forearms that were missing procs have had them added.
  • Added block chance to tank forearms in Elements of War that were missing it.


  • The rewards for completing the heroic section of the Fallen Swords Signature line have had effects added to them.


  • Fixed a bug with “New” and “Sale” marketplace categories on non-English servers.

Patch Notes – October 7, 2011

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Published on: October 7, 2011


  • You will no longer lose infamy when joining a dungeon finder group.
  • The dungeon Cauldron Hollow should now be listed as a 30-40 dungeon instead of 30-45.

Patch Notes – October 6, 2011

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Published on: October 6, 2011


Dungeon Finder is a matchmaking system designed to make it easier for groups to get together for dungeons. The system requires a minimum of six people to be using the system to create groups.

  • To use the Dungeon Finder, click the “Dungeon Finder” button from the EQII menu on your XP bar. (Or open the “Zones” menu by using ALT+Z.)
  • You can queue solo or as a group (only group leaders can queue a group) for any dungeons you qualify for (based on level, critical mitigation requirements and if you have the required expansion on your account)
  • You can either queue for a Random Dungeon (and get a +25% XP bonus while playing that dungeon) or you can queue for specific dungeons by only clicking the checkboxes next to their names. (NOTE: You don’t get the +25% XP bonus if you queue for specific dungeons.)
  • If you leave the dungeon, and your group stays within it, you can use the “Return” button to zone back to your group without travel time. (Note: PvP Groups: If you zone out of a DF instance and your alignment doesn’t match that of the leader you are disbanded from the group.)
  • If your group isn’t full, the group leader can use the ‘Reinforce’ button to allow more players, currently queued in the Dungeon Finder (and who qualify), to join the group.
  • If your group finishes a Dungeon Finder dungeon, the group leader can queue for another dungeon immediately (without needing to leave the dungeon the group is currently in). This should result in almost no wait time for the next dungeon as long as you still have a full group.

Note: The zones offered in the Dungeon Finder are based off your character’s actual level (not your mentored level). Mentored level has no effect on Dungeon Finder matchmaking.


Tower of Frozen Shadow: Haunt of Syl’tor

  • It should no longer be possible to get into a death loop at the entrance of Haunt of Syl’tor.

The Hole: Spirit’s Resonance

  • Nortlav the Scalekeeper should no longer get stuck after returning from possession.


  • Gruplinort in Sebilis should more reliably drop loot.



  • Shatter Infections now triggers on any damage.


  • Smoke Bomb should get resisted less often.


  • All forms of Intrepid Strike have been changed. The Legendary Intrepid Strike now grants 15% Flurry, Potency and PvP Potency. The Mythical and Spell versions grant 25% Flurry, Potency and PvP Potency. The ability has been changed to stack additively instead of multiplicatively with Potency, Flurry and Multi-Attack. Had this not been addressed, the advantage from Intrepid Strike would have grown indefinitely with those stats.


  • Countersong has had its immunity removed. It now lasts for 12 seconds, does not dispel when an ability is used and reduces the targets AE Auto Attack Chance as well as ability damage.
  • Vexing Verses now also deals minor damage and reduces the target’s casting speed.
  • Breathtaking Bellow can no longer be resisted. Its radius has been increased to 15 meters.
  • Demoralizing Processional now also reduces the target encounter’s primary attributes.
  • Enhance: Demoralizing Processional now also improves the attribute reduction.
  • Jester’s Cap no longer has an immunity timer.
  • Tap Essence now affects the encounter and the group. The damage has been reduced.
  • Painful Lamentations has had its damage increased.
  • Thunderous Overture now has a 10 second reuse but is a point blank area effect ability that affects up to 8 targets.
  • Perfect Shrill has had its damage increased.
  • Enhance: Rejuvenating Celebration now also improves the maximum health granted by Rejuvenating Celebration.
  • Raxxyl’s Rousing Tune now also improves agility.
  • Sandra’s Deafening Strike now restores some of the power it stole to the troubador.
  • Demoralization is now “Abhorrent Verse.” Abhorrent Verse transfers 50% of the threat from the Troubador’s group to the target for a short time. This does not transfer threat from fighters.


  • All instances of Bregador Bitelimb have been corrected to Bendegor Bitelimb.


  • Jindrack’s Lucan D’Lere Action Figure should be convertible into a house item once again.
  • The wand dropped in Tower of Vuul should now be properly named.
  • Gruplinort in Sebilis should more reliably drop loot.
  • Northman’s Broadaxe should once again have a valid two handed appearance.
  • The Sublime Staff of Deathdealing is once again a crushing weapon.


Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors

  • The quest “Tserrina’s Strife” should now update for the group when one of the lost pages are found.

Patch Notes – September 30, 2011

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Published on: September 30, 2011


Sullon, Tallon and Vallon x4 raid zones (challenge versions)

  • Many of the adds in the boss encounters now have reduced health.

Sullon, Tallon and Vallon x4 raid zones (non-challenge versions)

  • In the non-challenge instances of these raid zones NPC bosses now have less health and do somewhat less damage with their melee attacks and spells.

Temple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone [Challenge]

  • The damage from the breath weapons that the Statue of Rallos Zek uses is easier to mitigate. The statue of Rallos zek will wait a couple of seconds after it says its text before casting retaliation of zek on itself.

Tallon’s Stronghold [Challenge]

  • General Aakita and Utehk have less maximum health.

Great Divide and Eastern Wastes

  • Crit bonus has been removed from all overland mobs. Critical mitigation is no longer required to survive.

Kael Drakkel: Throne of Storms Heroic

  • This zone no longer requires critical mitigation to survive.

Kael Drakkel: Temple of Rallos Zek Heroic (non-challenge)

  • This zone no longer requires critical mitigation to survive.


  • The chillborn katar is no longer lore.
  • Fixed an issue with Visionary Mesmer’s Leggings.


  • Fixed a bug with quests that have long expiration timers being removed from your quest journal too early.

Patch Notes – September 28, 2011

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Published on: September 28, 2011


  • Temple of Rallos Zek non-challenge BP mitigation values should be fixed.
  • Temple of Rallos Zek non-challenge BP crit mit should be at 34%.
  • Talisman of the Ethernauts should work for real this time.
  • Fixed crit mit values on Elements of War caster legs and forearms.
  • Fixed the stats on the Feinting Dagger of the Cunning Gambit and Feinting Blade of the Cunning Gambit.

Patch Notes – September 27, 2011

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Published on: September 27, 2011


  • The House Rating System has been modified to use the median value of all ratings instead of a simple average.
  • This will reduce the effect caused by players leaving extremely low or extremely high values that are outside of the norm for that house.


Kylong Plains

  • Gregor Footstomper, Warlord Di’Ouz, Gorguolatha and Widow Mistress Xalthira in Kylong Plains should now drop treasure.


  • All Griffin flight paths in Nektulos will now function properly.


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect leg shader would appear when wearing kilts.
  • The Deepwater Researcher’s Sigil can no longer be traded.
  • Kael and Drunder group BPs have been modified to better fit within the progression.
  • Temple of Rallos Zek Raid Hard mode BPs have had their power increased.
  • Fixed the focus effect for Hard mode Illusionist robes.
  • Simmering Odachi of Feverous Advance now properly displays as a Fabled item.
  • Fixed crit values on Hard mode Drunder belts.
  • Velious instance rare loot has been rebalanced.

Patch Notes – September 22, 2011

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Published on: September 22, 2011



  • All Challenge mode raids have had overall health for non-boss NPCs decreased by 25%.

Sullon’s Spire x4 raid [Challenge Mode]

  • Aaranae Acrimae: She no longer speeds up the recast of Force of the web as the fight goes on.

Temple of Rallos Zek x4 Raid [Challenge Mode]

  • Supreme Imperium Valdemarr and the Statue of Rallos Zek now have significantly fewer hit points.

Vallon’s Tower Raid [Challenge Mode]

  • Lichlord Skulldugger fight: Greater deathknights have less health. Maalus will not cast irrevocable death as often on players during his portion of the fight. Once you have completed the initial ring event, you only have to defeat Byzola on subsequent pulls. Gozak’s Essence now has less maximum health.

Estate of Unrest

  • The Festering Hag should not destroy your group’s armor if you progress through the zone naturally after having left the instance previously.

Freeport South

  • A Juggernaut taskmaster will no longer path into the walls in South Freeport.


  • The Coldain Prayer Shawl and the tradeskill AA conservation of mass are now more clearly explained and will only activate when a pristine combine is completed.


  • The wizard epic quest weapon “The Dragon’s Marrow” should be back the way it was before GU61.
  • The Deepwater Researcher’s Sigil can no longer be traded.


  • The old rewards for the quest, “A More Dangerous Game! Test of Mastery!” should be attainable once more.
  • Changed the drop rate for the Snuffing the Fireknight pages from Faydwer that are used to begin the Cloak of Flames quest. On average, it should now require 50 kills per zone to receive all the pages from that zone.

Patch Notes – September 20, 2011

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Published on: September 20, 2011


Citadel of V’uul

  • Overall health of trash and boss encounters has been lowered.


  • Added a unique house ID number to saved house layout files. This can be used to identify a file from one house that has the same zone as another house.
  • NOTE: Old version 5 files should still be loadable. New saved files will be version 6 and include the unique ID.


  • Kingdom of Sky “Cloud Mount” questline rewards have had set bonuses re-added to them. This set bonus should work with the new and old quested items. Classes that cannot acquire the specific pieces have also been removed from each item.
  • Elements of War weaponry should now have more lenient class restrictions.
  • Son of Blades and Spreading Shadows should proc correctly.
  • Brock’s Thermal Shocker is attainable in game once more. Players who have already completed the quest “Find Gingus” should be able to get the Thermal Shocker from the Shady Swashbuckler.
  • The Soulshattering Band is no longer equipable by Fighters and Scouts.


  • Quest Demonstration of Loyalty should now update properly in Nektulos Forest.

Patch Notes – September 15, 2011

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Published on: September 15, 2011


Plane of War

  • Players may now enter the plane of war, once someone on the server has defeated all 3 demigods of war (Sullon, Vallon and Tallon Zek) in challenge mode.

Drunder x4 raid zones

  • Players can now enter the challenge mode Drunder x4 raid zones without having killed the previous demi-god in challenge mode.

Sullon’s Spire x4 raid [Challenge Mode]

  • Aaranae Acrimae: Her adds have less health. The rage devourer no longer casts the aoe multistrike.

Tower of Frozen Shadow

  • Tserrina Syl’Tor should now more reliably react to players attempting to remove her curse.
  • Tserrina Syl’Tor should now drop secondary items more often.
  • The tower should now react appropriately if you leave the zone after having killed bosses and return at a later date.


  • Fixed an issue with multi attack after 500, and the flurry conversion for haste after 200.


  • Accessories should now start seeing crit starting with necks at 60 and cloak, waist, and charms at 70.
  • Many cloaks have had their appearance restored.
  • Many heritage rewards are once again No-Sacrifice and No-Transmute.
  • Sentinel’s Fate adornments should once again be able to adorn Sentinel’s Fate armor.
  • Wearing a Kilt and the Blessed Brewday Boots together will no longer cause the legs to disappear.
  • The Twin Calamities should once again be able to be wielded in either hand.
  • Overland named item drops in Kunark should be tradeable.
  • Kingdom of Sky quest armor sets should be returned to legendary. More changes to come… Item sets and Class specific restrictions!
  • Fixed some Elements of War shield items that had crit values too low.
  • Meshwork Mantle, Mantle of Patience, Shoulder Pads of Frenzied View, and Shoulder Pads of the Thicket should now properly equip in the shoulder slot.


  • The dwarven backpack in Butcherblock, used for the quest “A Missing Package” will no longer disappear if it has been recovered by too many adventurers.
  • The Barren Sky: The NPC required for the quest, Blood of the Brood, the Vultak scroll-bearer has been reduced in difficulty. He also now awards alternate advancement experience.
  • The mission “Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors – Library Facilitarians” should now only require killing 5 targets.

Sentinel’s Fate Raid Progression
Lair of the Dragon Queen
Abominable Laboratory
The Palace of Roehn Theer
The Vigilant: Final Destruction
The Icy Keep: Retribution
Underfoot Depths
Sentinel's Fate Contested

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