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Published on: July 2, 2010

A good site to go to for information about available adornments for your gear slots is There you will find an inventory window where you can click gear slots to find out what adornments are available and what ingredients are necessary to make them.

Explanations of Sentinel’s Fate Mechanics Changes

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Published on: June 14, 2010

This page on the EQ2 forums explains about stats, caps, etc. changes that occurred in Sentinel’s Fate.

Compiled Explanations for various Sentinel’s Fate Mechanics Changes

Sentinel’s Fate Raid Progression
Lair of the Dragon Queen
Abominable Laboratory
The Palace of Roehn Theer
The Vigilant: Final Destruction
The Icy Keep: Retribution
Underfoot Depths
Sentinel's Fate Contested

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