We aren’t dead yet! Although many MoFOs have either retired from the game or moved onto fully functional guilds, some of us still play for fun and assist with raids. You may either hated or like some of our members but that is the norm for all guilds. At our peak, we were noted as a formidable raiding guild with very talented players. We were able to take down the newest raid zones with less then an ideal raid setup. Our core was one of the best and those who have moved on have been highly recruited by some of the top raid guilds of Befallen.

A few of us still chill in MoFOs and when picked up on raids, dps’ers and healers will generally be on top of the parsers. RL will most likely not let us get back to our former glory but the MoFOs aren’t dead!

A member of the Misfits of Forgotten Order Sites.

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