Patch Notes – November 1, 2011

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Published on: November 1, 2011


Strategist’s Stronghold

  • Severed Windpipe is now curable.

Tallon’s Stronghold [Non-Challenge mode]

  • During the Tallon Zek fight Decorin Deahbringer will cast Deathbringer’s Touch and Impending doom less frequently.

Tallon’s Stronghold [Challenge mode]

  • During the Lieutenant Klaatuus fight the aviak trooper adds have less health, no longer memwipe, and will always spawn at the bosses feet.

Vallon’s Tower [Challenge Mode]

  • During the Gindan Commander Angler fight the Diaku Deceptors will wait a while before casting their stunning strike spell.

Kael Drakkel

  • All dropped quest items that were previously flagged no-trade now consume the dropped quest item once the quest has been taken.


  • Fixed an issue that cause some bows, thrown, and wand weapon damage to be reduced.
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