Patch Notes – October 18, 2011

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Published on: October 18, 2011


  • Dungeons are now broken into categories.
  • If a player declines a DF offer, they must wait 15 minutes before they can queue again.
  • The dungeon finder will now give an indication of how many players of each archetype are queued for each dungeon.
  • Any member of the group can now set group options, but everyone in the group must vote on the changes before they apply.


Nights of the Dead

  • The headless Horseman should once again be patrolling Nektulos Forest.
  • An Essence of Fear and an Eerie Essence are now being offered to everyone correctly upon completion of the quest “The Troubling Truth”.
  • An Essence of Fear and an Eerie Essence now have appropriate descriptions.
  • The “Petrified Bone Tile” can now be scaled even larger.


  • Titaniir, Aether Strike has been returned to a 4 second delay.


  • The quest “Researching Lavastorm: Relics of Battle” once more rewards the Flame Researcher’s Robe.
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