Game Update: Destiny of Velious – Feb 22, 2011

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Published on: February 23, 2011

EverQuest II’s seventh expansion, Destiny of Velious, is now live!

Following the events of Sentinel’s Fate, the twin Swords of Destiny, Soulfire and the Qeynos Claymore, have been drained of their powers, setting the stage for the destruction of the EverQuest universe. The prophecy known as Age’s End begins to unfold in the legendary continent of Velious, and it is here where the war for Norrath will arise. For there to be any chance to save Norrath, the Swords of Destiny must be restored.

Norrathian guardians who undertake this burden will be tested by labyrinthine dungeons, the harsh Velious tundra, and powerful creatures including the God of War himself, Rallos Zek. To succeed will mean ultimate glory. To fail could mean annihilation.

Destiny of Velious Features:

  • Soar high above Norrath with flying mounts
  • Crawl your way through 10 dangerous dungeons
  • Complete four new Heritage Quests
  • Battle through more than 300 new quests
  • Craft through more than 60 new tradeskill quests
  • Conquer one new truly massive contested dungeon
  • Discover two new overland zones
  • Defeat four new raid instances
  • Collect more than 1,000 new weapons and items
  • Journey through a new Signature Quest line
  • Slay more than 30 new creatures
  • Equip more than 100 new armor sets
  • New AA abilities with an increased cap of 300


You can now tag NPCs and even PCs with the new Target Tagging System.

  • Characters can be assigned an icon and/or number combination that your group or raid can use to easily communicate tactics.
  • Press CTRL-SHIFT-T or right-click your Target window and choose “Tag” to open the Tagging interface.
  • You must be in a group to tag characters.
  • Tagging commands can be dragged from the Tag window directly to a hotbar, or assigned a hotkey from the Options->Controls->Tagging menu.
  • Tagging icons can also be disabled under Options->User Interface->Name & Chat Bubble
  • Tags can be removed by toggling the icon or number that already exists on a character
  • Tagging can also be done via macro by using the /tagtarget command:
    • /tagtarget – to tag your target with a specific icon. Ex: /tagtarget skull
    • /tagtarget – to tag your target with a numeric value. Ex: /tagtarget 1
    • /tagtarget clear – to clear your target’s tag


In the options under Display (Advanced) – Special Effects you will find the following graphics settings:

  • Depth of Field
    • Applies a focus range to the rendered scene. Objects in the distance and too close will appear slightly blurry, creating a sense of haze in the distance and enhancing the scene with a more fantastic look.
  • Ambient Occlusion
    • Darkens cracks and crevices where lighting would naturally dissipate, bringing better depth and shading to everything.
  • Sun Shafts
    • Sun rays have diffractive beams creating very cool effects as the sun peeks through trees or around objects.

Water Reflections

  • Water reflections improved to match geometry better, especially when on flying mounts. Zones that don’t have this yet will be adjusted with future updates. Complex quality options have been changed to a simple on or off. When off the sky color will be reflected.
    • Display (Advanced) – Water – Water Reflections

Patch Notes – Feb 15, 2011

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Published on: February 16, 2011


An issue that stops ambient characters in city zones from wandering has been fixed.
‘Follow’ should once again be an option on group member’s right-click menu.


Sister Thog Macgilly will now update the quest “Premonitions of Disaster” even while Erollisi Day is being celebrated.
Creatures within the Shard of Love now have a significantly higher chance of dropping love loot while Erollisi Day is being celebrated.

Patch Notes – Feb 10, 2011

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Published on: February 16, 2011


Fixed an issue causing players to crash in Halas.
NPCs that were MIA in Steppes should be back on duty.


Players that have completed “Find ’em a Find, Catch ’em a Catch!” from Diana Heartstrings or David Torchsong in previous years can now continue to advance the quest by speaking to the matchmaking characters within the cities of Freeport or Qeynos.
The Lovers’ Gazebo Assembly Kit allows only one gazebo to be assembled at a time. The item’s description provides more information now, too.
Liannya Heartswell now exchanges love loot for Erollisi Coin in much bigger quantities!
The tradeskill recipes for Elegant Coffee Table, Luxurious Dining Chair and Plush Dining Chair now require Basic Sandpaper as the fuel component.
The zone “A Spiritual Pocket” no longer requires Sentinel’s Fate to access.


Stormbringer, Bulwark of the Unstoppable must now be equipped in order to maintain Ferocious Presence.

Patch Notes – Feb 3, 2011

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Published on: February 16, 2011


Fixed a bug where players could use marketplace item expanders on guild halls.
Players who have done that will have the item expander applied to their personal house when they next zone into their personal house and the item expander will be removed from the guild hall.
If this puts a guild hall over its item limit it will still have the items but you will not be able to add more items until the item count is reduced.
The character house item bonus from the marketplace expander now properly applies to your home and shows in the total number of bonus items in the UI.

Sentinel’s Fate Raid Progression
Lair of the Dragon Queen
Abominable Laboratory
The Palace of Roehn Theer
The Vigilant: Final Destruction
The Icy Keep: Retribution
Underfoot Depths
Sentinel's Fate Contested

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